Our pricing

We have prices for you, whether you're an independent business, a franchise network, or a department store.

Our standard pricing

Turnover up to €1M

  • No setup or subscription fees

  • Charge free for your customers

  • No more issues with fraud, non-payment or recovery

Bespoke rate

Turnover above €1M

Let's work together to create a solution for payment in installments that suits you. Volume discounts available.

Our pricing

Find out about pricing for our different payment options

No charge for the customer

Payment in 2 installments

With payment in 2 installments, improve your customers' buying experience


Payment in 3 installments

Sell more with payment in 3 installments


Payment in 4 installments

Increase your average basket value with payment in 4 installments


These rates may vary based on what is being sold.


If you want, you can share part of the cost with your customers

Payment in 2 installments

0.7% for your clients, 2.7% for you


Payment in 3 installments

1.5% for your clients, 2.1% for you


Payment in 4 installments

2.2% for your clients, 2.2% for you


These fees can be adjusted depending on the kind of goods sold

No charge for the customer

Payment in 15 days

With payment in 15 days, your customers won't need to postpone their purchase to next month

Payment in 30 days

With payment in 30 days, your customers can pay when they want

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If you want, you can share part of the cost with your customers

Pay in 15 days

0.7% for your clients, 3.3% for you


Pay in 30 days

1.5% for your clients, 2.9% for you


These fees can be adjusted depending on the kind of goods sold


On waiting list

Increase conversions for higher basket values. Offer is only available under specific eligibility conditions.

Waiting list

N.B. Payment in 5 to 12 installments is only activable together with Pay in 2, 3 4.

No charge for the customer

Payment in full

Make payment easier for your customers with a direct link

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Is there an extra charge if someone fails to pay?

No. With transactions handled by Alma, there are no extra charges for late payments by your customers. You are paid in full, whether your customer pays their installments or not.

How do I share costs with my customers?

Cost-sharing with your customers is possible, although the charges they can bear are limited by a regulatory constraint. Besides, it can be noted that offering our payment solutions free of charge to the customers allows merchants to maximize conversion. If you still want to share costs with your customers, it can be configured on your Alma account - where you'll also find information about the regulatory framework.

Is there any subscription or a setup fee?

No! Alma is only paid via a commission on transactions handled by our payment solution. There are no extra costs (no administrative fees, setup fees, or hidden costs), and there is no obligation on your part.

Can I try Alma for free?

With Alma, you only pay when you make a sale. We provide you with a free test environment (the "Sandbox") that allows you to test your integration from start to finish before going live.

Robin Ali

Co-founder @Panda Tea

We knew that up to 20% of sales are paid for in installments on some websites, so we're keen to try Alma. We're delighted with the solution: it's easy to set…

Georges Simon

CEO @Jane de Boy

Alma has accounted for a big share of our customer spend since we introduced it. We weren't expecting it to have such an impact: Alma has really boosted our b…

Stéphanie Crijns

E-commerce Specialist @Kitchenaid

We chose Alma for our payment in installments as it's so quick and intuitive for the end consumer. And the integration is easy for us as a business! Thanks to…

Livio Tabbi

VP Global Retail @The Kooples

We have deployed Alma on our entire in-store network in record time. The solution is simple, intuitive and high-performance and the support from Alma to our i…

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