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Find out how the biggest brands are using Alma's payment in installments to speed up their business.

Maisons du Monde offers an optimal purchasing and selling experience to promote sustainable growth.

Constance Fouquet, IT Digital and B2B Executive Director at Maisons du Monde looks back on the implementation of Alma in 214 of the network's shops and on the e-commerce site, as well as on the performance observed.

  • 92% acceptance on all customers who choose to pay with Alma

  • 20% increase in the conversion rate

  • x3 average basket value in store with Alma

How Alma contributed to KitchenAid's growth in Europe

Stéphanie Crijns, KitchenAid Senior E-commerce Analyst, recounts the successful collaboration and impressive performances of Alma’s BNPL solution in 5 European countries.

  • +92% Average global AOV increase

  • 95% average acceptance rate

How MYCS achieved higher conversions by launching a unified BNPL solution

Simas Aleksiejunas, Head of Product Management at MYCS, reflects on the successful deployment of Alma's BNPL solution and the resulting performance boost.

  • +7.2€ million processed volume in France and Germany

  • 6000 payments in France and Germany with an average order value of > €1000

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