Maisons du Monde: an optimal buying experience driving sustainable growth

Maisons du Monde: an optimal buying experience driving sustainable growth

For 25 years, Maisons du Monde’s mission has been to cater to all tastes, trends and budgets in home decoration and furnishings. With 352 stores in 9 countries, sustainable growth is at the heart of this French company’s strategy, as is a seamless customer experience across all channels (online, in-store, and on the marketplace). This is what led them to choose Alma as their payment in instalments solution.

Maisons du Monde’s challenge: enhancing the customer experience

First, there was the "Covid-effect", and now inflation: it’s been an emotional rollercoaster at Maisons du Monde.

In this context, the Maisons du Monde teams turned their attention to payments in instalments: a move that not only improved the level of service but also aligned with the brand’s values of creativity, accessibility, optimism and commitment.

The instalment solution had to meet strict specifications:

  • strong compatibility with an omnichannel experience;

  • technical support to guide implementation;

  • a focus on user experience and commitment regarding data ownership;

  • the ability to organise a fast, mass in-store deployment, which required technical support and training for retail teams.

Maisons du Monde’s goal? Offering a consistently high level of customer experience and significantly boosting conversion, particularly for furniture.

Maisons du Monde and Alma: a self-evident partnership 

“Alma fits our DNA perfectly,” says Constance Fouquet, Executive Director - Digital, IT & B2B at Maisons du Monde: implementing Alma was bound to be something special.

How was the Alma solution adapted to each of Maisons du Monde’s sales channels? In this case study, you will find out how Alma has been implemented online, on the Magento e-commerce platform, and in the network’s 214 stores.

A look back at the results of a collaboration that began in spring 2022:

  • 92% acceptance rate for all customers who choose to pay with Alma

  • 3 weeks of training for the roll-out of the solution in 214 stores

  • average in-store basket tripled thanks to Alma (1.5x online)

Find out more about the collaboration between Maisons du Monde and Alma, which has produced impressive results both online and in-store. Download the case study now!

Download the detailed case study

Publié le 10/4/2023

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