KitchenAid boosts its online AOV with Alma

KitchenAid boosts its online AOV with Alma

In September 2020, the American brand KitchenAid, known for its colourful kitchen appliances, implemented Alma, a new payment in instalments solution,  on its French online shop. The outcome was so positive that the solution was then tested and deployed online in 4 other European countries. 

“We’ve been observing the changes in customer behaviour online over the years. And as a premium brand, having an instalment solution has become increasingly valuable. We decided to launch this in France a few years ago.”

Stéphanie Crijns - Senior E-commerce Analyst - KitchenAid

KitchenAid’s business challenges

Over the last seven years, KitchenAid upgraded its website and e-shop across all countries. As it did so, features like new payment methods appeared increasingly important. Noting that each country had a preferred payment system, KitchenAid wanted to : 

  • Improve the e-shop’s conversion rate ;

  • Increase the average order value ;

  • Customise customer payment methods.

Why Alma was a great fit for KitchenAid

With initial results being particularly conclusive in France, KitchenAid decided to implement Alma in Belgium, The Netherlands, Austria and Germany. The brand chose payment in 3 instalments with no fee for the end customer. And it paid off: the average online order value has skyrocketed in all 4 countries!

All in all, this collaboration resulted in a 92% increase in global order value.  

How was the solution rolled out in all 5 countries? How did the solution adapt to new customer habits, by offering popular payment methods? How is payment in instalments promoted by KitchenAid to maximise its impact? 

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